Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the good fight

i didn't know meaghan latone very well. she was simply someone whose path crossed mine once upon a time. she meant a lot to a dear friend of mine, and because of that she is important to me. meaghan probably wouldn't even remember who i am. unless you told her that i was the one who tripped over a traffic cone (long, dumb story :) and bruised my face on the pavement during a friend's bachelorette party. she would have remembered that. with a howl of laughter no doubt! it pleases me very much to know that is how she would have known me.

to me, she will be the woman who bravely fought the good fight until cancer eventually won. boldly sporting a naked head, she had the audacity to look it in the face and say "c'mon, is that all you've got?"

i will remember her as the life of the party, pink feather boa and all.

she began a blog to document all she was going through. i, along with everyone else, followed her along on a journey that only she truly took. the rest of us simply tried to keep up. by reading it, i was able to get to know her from afar a little bit. this is what i learned: she was a tremendous mother, wife and friend. i feel deprived that i never got the opportunity to know her better. or to say goodbye, even. each post she ended with these words:

fight the good fight every minute, every moment, every day.

she did. and the world is a better place for it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


i've been hard at work on second storie's "in the loop" blog, and it is now all shiny and new! go check it out for the latest in who's at the market (someone awesome this week!), what our former vendors are up to and other second storie happenings.

see you there!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

utterly distracted...

i have been away from here lately and i have to admit it has almost everything to do with the olympics. i am hopelessly addicted! frankly, i am surprised when anyone tells me that they aren't.

i will be back soon, hopefully with something insightful to say! until then i will be sorely lacking in sleep...