Tuesday, March 9, 2010

to the river

So much time has passed. Yet it hardly seems possible. Much of my time this winter has been spent trying to figure out how to like it more. I bought a short coat so that I may venture outside for a walk in the park - something I live for in the warm weather. But the cold just oppresses me and keeps me indoors. Earlier in the year, I vowed to myself make a list of things that I truly love about winter in an attempt to make it less overwhelming. As the sun shines now, it seems a little past due, but knowing the weather around here, I am sure we are in for another cold snap. So, here goes.

Things I love about winter:

1. The way the light looks different at night. Is it the reflective property of snow that makes the evenings look so much brighter? It's a quality of light that is so hard to define.

2. That feeling of complete and utter quiet that comes over the world when it snows.

3. The crows and bare tree branches silhouetted against the sky.

Every evening, without fail, the crows of this city migrate to the river. This happens year round, but it is especially compelling in the winter. I have yet to find out if they are all headed to one particular spot or if they line the banks of the Genesee for miles, filling the bare trees with crow-shaped leaves. It is haunting, somewhat mysterious and altogether beautiful. It's as if they know something that I don't. Trying to capture this on camera has left something out.... It can't compare to the real thing.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blue Moss

Just want to say a quick thanks to Michelle over at blue moss for featuring me on her super awesome blog today!

What a great way to start the day!

p.s. - the Seattle map is newly listed in my shop, as well as Portland. (Ukraine was a custom order)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New work come and gone...

Well, the idea was to post about my new work here, before they completely sold out from my shop. But one busy weekend later and they are all gone. I will be getting some new ones listed as soon as I get them made!

So, in any case (a little late) here is what I have been working on.

I am quite happy with them. I have so many more ideas along this line and I plan to spend the cold month of February on the couch, sewing, with the cat on my lap. Perfection.

Monday, January 4, 2010


New Year's Eve. This year, it was perfect. It was an evening filled with family, long-time friends, and new friends. It was also my 35th birthday. I walked into my sister's downtown apartment to find streamers and decorations hung in my honor. We stood at her vast windows overlooking the river and watched the fireworks from the comfort and warmth of the couch. We ate good food, had great conversation and many, many laughs. After the craziness that was the month of December, having an evening to sit and simply get to know one another was fantastic beyond measure. A perfect ending to a year that was good to me.

I begin this year with some new feelings about my life will really be about, what makes home home, and what it means to carve out a space for yourself in this big, ridiculous world.

This past week, although frigid, has been warmed with familiar faces and renewed friendships. It seems a perfect way to start the new year.