Thursday, May 21, 2009


i found these little crayon sculptures by diem chau on lola and fell in love a little.

then, at her site, i found these intriguing porcelain pieces. there's a story here that is begging to be told. and the miniature table and chairs, are carved out of toothpicks. toothpicks! and the photos are amazing...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

a little inspiration

strolling around my favorite blogs this morning, i came across this sweet little napkin by allison manch featured on aesthetic outburst.

it reminded me that i love the beach boys and are now listening to their undeniably perfect harmonies. it's really what i needed to lift my mood this morning. thanks abbey! you always showcase the most fantastic artists and provide constant inspiration. it has also reminded that i need to get back to my true love: embroidery. it's been a while since i spent any time on my art.

another favorite source of inspiration is my friend rachael's new blog: a photo and a link. keeping life simple, it is exactly what it says: a photo of an artist's work, their name and a link to their site. it's a back-log of beauty and it's perfect.