Monday, March 9, 2009

work. sleep. work....

i've been away for a while. most of my "free" time lately has been spent on new work. and photographing new work. and listing new work. 

so. much. work. 

my evenings have been spent scouring the internet for a vacation home to stay at this summer. while the end result of this will be more than worth the effort, it feels so much like homework. endless streams of houses, high prices and low availability have left me feeling like a zombie at the end of each night. the only thing that has made this even remotely bearable is my sister-in-law. my friend, really. she sits on the other end of the phone, many miles away looking at the same pictures and making me feel as though we are in the same room. laughing and laughing. making all this work seem a little more fun.

so i suppose there are worse ways to spend an evening.

here is a look at some of my newer pieces...

i am so happy with how they have turned out. truth be told, though, i've been fretting big-time about whether or not they will sell. i have loved my little silk blooms, but i can no longer make them. i will pop some in my shop here and there, but my true direction is these newer ones. made from found and re-purposed fabric and buttons from my huge collection of vintage buttons. in every way, they feel like the direction i need to be headed. the question remains, though: will anyone come along?
a little light came to me on friday when i found this incredibly sweet post about my shop at bronette. thanks so much for giving me a little boost when i needed it most! a lot of encouragement has been coming from here lately as well. thanks, k.